Server Rules

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To play on Townstone, you must follow our community rules. Server staff have the final decision on any issue.

Section 1. Chat​

  1. Use common sense.
  2. Don't be hateful, toxic, or discriminatory.
  3. Don't spam or send malicious media.
  4. NSFW content is prohibited at Townstone.​
  5. Don't advertise or self-promote at Townstone.​
First Offence → Warning
Second Offence → 1 hour mute
Third Offence → 1 day ban
Fourth Offence → Permanent Ban

Section 2. Cheating & Safety​

  1. Don't cheat.
    1. Macros, exploits, auto-clickers, and hacked clients are considered forms of cheating.
    2. Use modifications at your own risk. They should not provide an unfair advantage to the average Minecraft player.
    3. Don't abuse bugs or glitches.
  2. Don't release private information about a player.
  3. Don't use cracked accounts.
First Offence → 1 day ban
Second Offence → 7 day ban
Third Offence → Permanent ban
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