MP | CEO of Maze

"Invest in the red. It's in your interest"

Maze is a conglomerate dedicated to providing premium service to its customers on the consumer and business levels. Maze owns several companies, some of the popular ones being:
  • Maze Mining
  • Maze Realty (formerly Maze Foreclosures)
  • Maze Union (formerly Maze Bank)
  • Maze Transportation (formerly Maze Air or Maze Drive)
The founder and chairman of Maze is CivilPeace. Maze is led by the Maze Board of Directors (MBOD).
Maze Mining
Maze Mining is self-explanatory, we mine and gather resources. These resources are sold at all Maze Shops and locations as well at Maze Mining Headquarters. You can find our location by using the server's map.

Maze Mining is now selling resources from the Outer Ring. These resources are priced daily and supply will fluctuate. For large orders of any item from Maze Mining, please contact management.
Maze Realty
Maze Realty builds and sells properties around Cientra. We're happy to undergo a project to build you an office, home, or anything you'd need.

To get started with Maze Realty, please contact a Maze Real Estate Agent (MREA) or add a reply to this thread.
Maze Union
Maze Union is currently not offering public services due to legislation passed by the Ministry of Economics. All loans, grants, and financial processes passed before Executive Order 1 will be upheld privately by Maze Union.

For more information, please contact Maze Management.
Maze Transportation
Maze Transportation makes vehicles for Cientra. Maze Transportation is responsible for the production of dozens of models of cars, racing cars, planes, and military vehicles.

You can buy a vehicle at a certified Maze Dealer™. For questions and bulk orders, please contact Maze Management.
Employment at Maze
Maze is looking for workers! We're currently hiring the following positions (listed in no specific order):
  1. Miners
  2. Farmers
  3. Realtors
  4. Pilots
If you're interested in applying for any of these positions, please reply to this thread with your discord username and tag and a Maze member will contact you for your qualifications and a possible interview. Additionally, management opportunities at Maze are open. Discussions concerning management opportunities can be forwarded to CivilPeace via forums.