Making Suggestions

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Suggestions are requests to the server administration or the government to add, modify, or remove something in Townstone. We value your input and critique.
  • Please note the difference between server plugins and server modifications (mods). Server plugins are server-side only and do not require client installation while mods are installed on the client-side as well. We cannot implement features that require modifications into Townstone, however, we can implement features that require server plugins.
  • Please phrase your suggestions in a respectful manner and avoid hate or toxicity while posting a suggestion or commenting on other suggestions.
To create a suggestion, please create a new thread in this category. You can title it "Suggestion Name - Username". For example, a suggestion about lemonade stands could be titled "Lemonade Stands - Lethacracy".

In your thread, please fill out the undermentioned format.
Suggestion name:
Describe your suggestion:
What plugins does this require? (if applicable):
Other information:
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