Dungeons - 0.13


dungeons-8-22-2022 (1).png
It's here! The Dungeons Update is by far the largest update we've released on Townstone. Players will now be able to play on dungeons with unique and connected storylines. We've also changed how the economy works, added custom enchantments, and added dozens of new features for players to enjoy. This update isn't finished, we'll still be adding more features to the server and we'll update you here and on discord.

As usual, please report any bugs, glitches, or errors you find to the staff team. Townstone's bug-finders can earn compensation and special/exclusive items! You can report these bugs on forums or via the in-game help menu.

  • Added (temporarily) monetary reward for voting
  • Added 32 new custom weapon models
  • Added Hades Crate (keys obtainable through voting crates)
  • Added Poseidon Crate (keys obtainable through voting crates)
  • Added a /home gui
  • Added a new spawn map
  • Added a new tablist
  • Added artifact items with special effects and dungeon-related lore (ex: Icarus’s feather, a feather that gives you levitation while holding it)
  • Added custom enchantments
  • Added dungeon support to the help menu
  • Added in-game rules menu
  • Added inventory displays in chat with [inv]
  • Added item displays in chat with [item]
  • Added nether roof access
  • Added new help guis and menus
  • Added new spawn NPCs (keys obtainable through voting crates)
  • Added player bounties
  • Added player stats tracker in the help menu
  • Added the Snowcloak dungeon
  • Disabled mob spawning by default in town/claimed regions
  • Disbaled (temporarily) vote keys and vote crates
  • Fixed custom item rendering glitch
  • Fixed custom mob rendering glitch
  • Fixed major world rendering glitch
  • Fixed support ticket duplication bug
  • Fixed voting site issues
  • Players can now mention other players by typing their username. Mentioning a player will show an in-game alert.
  • Removed /support gui
  • Removed spawn sumo arena
  • Removed the /sethome limit
  • Removed the outdated server tutorial
  • Removed unsupported/unused plugins
  • Updated server rules and guidelines