Converting to 1.19 - Update 0.12.2


As of today, Townstone has converted to 1.19 and will no longer support 1.18.2 clients. 1.19 introduced several generation changes to Minecraft, and these changes will not be applied to preexisting chunks in-game. However, newly generated chunks will include 1.19 features.

We encourage players to report any bugs to the staff team as soon as possible. If your custom items were affected by this change, you can request reimbursement or replacement from a staff member via the /help menu.

  • Added discord integration
  • Began adding Towny features to the server
  • Began removing Kingdom features from the server
  • Fixed armors failing to appear in the resource pack
  • Fixed certain characters display as blank in chat
  • Fixed custom item bugs
  • Fixed escape menu displaying blank characters
  • Fixed thirst HUD display glitch
  • Fixed ticket system display incorrectly
  • Fixed warden spawning from 1.19
  • Fixed world generation issues for custom ores
  • Increased world border size to 15,000
  • Removed glitchy {item} feature
  • Removed half-slab glitch
  • Removed mysterious ore glitch in the Deep Dark biome
  • And much, much more!