It's here! The Dungeons Update is by far the largest update we've released on Townstone. Players will now be able to play on dungeons with unique and connected storylines. We've also changed how the economy works, added custom enchantments, and added dozens of new features for players to enjoy. This update isn't finished, we'll still be adding more features to the server and we'll update you here and on discord.

As usual, please report any bugs, glitches, or errors you find to the staff team. Townstone's bug-finders can earn compensation and special/exclusive items! You can report these bugs on forums or via the in-game help menu.
Townstone was created with the purpose to be a fun and welcoming community. These rules protect our community and its player. By playing on Townstone and any Townstone-related entities, you automatically agree to follow our community rules.
As of today, Townstone has converted to 1.19 and will no longer support 1.18.2 clients. 1.19 introduced several generation changes to Minecraft, and these changes will not be applied to preexisting chunks in-game. However, newly generated chunks will include 1.19 features.

We encourage players to report any bugs to the staff team as soon as possible. If your custom items were affected by this change, you can request reimbursement or replacement from a staff member via the /help menu.
We're happy to introduce kingdoms to Townstone. Players can now create their nations and kingdoms, go to war with other kingdoms, claim land in the wild for their kingdom, and access exclusive features and upgrades from their kingdom.

Over the past few weeks, the staff team has gradually rendered the server's map to near completion. Additionally, the server's Dynmap port has been moved to

On May 25th, 2022, the nether and end maps will be disabled.

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